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Sunday, April 29th 2012

2:58 AM

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Related article: Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 15:29:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Gerald
Subject: Connections 9Thanks for following the story! Always glad to hear your comments. The
next installment will com in 2 weeks. connectwriteryahoo.com
Looking ahead to his plans for the next day, Brad suggested that they get
to bed a bit early that night. He always work backwards on when Mike had
to get up, and subtracting a minimum of 8 hours gave them bedtime. It
didn't matter that it was Saturday night.As soon as they got up the stairs and closed the door, Brad wrapped his
arms around him, putting him in the soft, gentle protective embrace that he
was getting good at.`You OK pup? You hangin' in there?"Mike's body was sagging a little from the lolita fucking child pussy stressful day. "Yea, I think so.
It hasn't really been so bad, at least so far," he said, They both knew he
was lying. He rested his head on Brad's shoulder, breathing deeply, taking
in the scent. He was beginning to realize that it was the one thing that
always calmed him down.Letting out a deep breath, he continued.. "I really don't know what they'll
think, babe. I can't imagine that they would totally reject me, but I
guess you never know. It would hurt so much if they did that, but all I
can do is hope that they don't." There isn't a lot I can do about it, and your too big of part of my life
to hide. I hate this not knowing, it just goes `round and `round in my
head." He dug himself deeper into Brad's shoulder."This can't go on for a long time. God, I just want to have normal life
with them, Brad, and this isn't the way to do it""I know, I know, babe. I wish I knew the best way to do this. But you know
what a failure I was at it, so I don't know what to tell you the best way
is." Brad noticed that when Mike was home that his slight accent seemed to
get a little stronger.Mike pulled his head away and looked into Brad's eyes. "You did it the
best way you knew how and tried to be honest about yourself and your life.
That's the only thing that you can do, and if they can't accept it it's
their problem free forbidden lolita pics and their loss." Loosening his hands from Brad's grip, he
reached up and stroked hair "I could probably learn something from that.""Maybe, but probably the biggest lesson might be that they're going to
think whatever they want to think, no matter how sensitive you try to be.
Just remembered one thing, though.""What's that?" Mike replied.Embracing Mike again, pulling him tight against his chest and rubbing their
cheeks together, he whispered into his ear, "whatever happens, I'll be
there for you. I'll never let you go."Mike just squinted his eyes and returned the hug.For the first time in the last few nights, Mike seemed to sleep soundly.
Hi recent sleep had been restless, mostly because of this visit home, Brad
thought. Mike said he could almost never remember dreams, but Brad was
pretty sure of the cause. Maybe their chat had helped him at least for
this one night.After lunch on Sunday, Brad found himself in an interesting history
discussion with Mr. Kovar. It was a bit uncanny as he realized how
similarly Mike and his father argued. Both of them were clear, logical and
relatively unemotional, except maybe when you got to something that they
really felt some moral young lolita nude art point was at stake. Both of them were very much
champion-of-the-underdog types who saw history from this perspective.It's also where Mike got his tenaciousness, Brad free forbidden lolita pics thought, and then smiled
to himself. Mr. Kovar could make some very good points, and they were
amplified by his rigorous logic, just like Mike. He was learning how to
argue points successfully with Mike, especially laying on lots of facts,
and Mr. Kovar was just as tough.But extreme teen lolita photos
this is where Mike also got his weak points, too, Brad thought. Like a
lot of people, he was credential conscious, and sometimes thought of
himself as an expert just because he had title or certification in some
field or related endeavor, and you were supposed to accept an opinion as
fact just because of this. Skepticism of authority was one of Brad's
innate characteristics, and he would even challenge Mr. Kovar if he thought
he was leveraging his opinion based lolita fucking child pussy on the authority argument.After almost an hour banter, on Czech historical subjects ranging from the
Battle of Green Mountain to the communist revolution in the late 1940's,
the senior Kovar was impressed with Brad's mind and judgment. He seemed to
be able to hold onto a complex thought for a long time, argue his points,
and do it without betraying emotion. Just like Mike. He did think that Bad
was a little sloppy and cavalier sometimes, though, very American. He
decided he'd work on that with him.It didn't surprise him that Mike would find a friend in this guy. He
didn't always agree with his son, but did respect his judgment of people.
Ever since high school, he had seen how difficult it was for Mike to make
friends. Since the betrayal of many of his schoolmates he had become very
distant from most people because of his emotional defensiveness, and his
sharp mind drew an even smaller circle around the pool of people that he
could interact with and become close to.There was something special about this guy, though, that Mr. Kovar also
sensed over the past day. More than a person would expect out of a simple
friendship, Mike was really attached to this guy. He saw how Mike always
asked his opinion about just about everything, from food to when they would
go to bed. They were the kind of questions, and there was an acceptance of
the answers, fresh teen lolita pussy that only came with a unusual level of confidence and trust in
someone.While they were involved in their discussion, Mike was able to get a few
moments alone with Hana. Not without some playful resistance, knowing what
he wanted to talk about, she finally followed him upstairs to his room.
The worked their way around the air mattress on the floor, with Hana on the
bed and Mike in the chair at this computer table, next to one of the dormer
windows which made the room very light. These were positions that they
took many times before."So, where do you think there heads are on this, Hanka, on Brad and me?"
He asked this in a very earnest way."I don't know, Mirek. I can't imagine that they'd freak, but they could.
They've invested so much in you, in both of us, that throwing it all away
doesn't make sense. But they could get cold, or just try to ignore it."
She looked out the window, her eyes focusing beyond him."That would really suck, though," she continued. "For us to have any real
family, we have to be honest about who we all are, and either accept it our
reject it, but at least top lolitas nude pics acknowledge reality.""Yea, I know what you mean, I just want to scream `say something, say
anything, just don't ignore it like this," Mike said."Well, I'm not sure that there ignoring it right now. they probably just
don't realize that anything is happening, but if anyone had any clue at all
it would be obvious.""What do you mean? I don't think that either of us are so obviously gay,"
he said a bit defensively."Not gay appearing," she said, smirking, " but as a couple. Mirek, you are
obviously hooked on him. The way you look at him, talk to him. And, by
the way, Mom mentioned to me about how you seem to have changed, that you
seem really happy. She doesn't know why, but she's glad.""And Brad? Do you know that he practically jumped off of the couch when
you very clumsily knocked down the shower caddy," she said, partially
scolding him."I wow, I didn't realize that. Damn, I should have known, I need to be
careful, I probably worried him." He said, reproaching himself. "I'll let
him know that...She interrupted him. "Mike, do you realize how crazy that foolish boy is
about you. He hangs on your every word. And, might I add, on every morsel
of food you eat, too. " She laughed, and Mike returned the smile."Yea, he's pretty strict with me, and makes it hard sometimes. But I know
it's even harder on him. It just shows how much he cares. I hardly
deserve him, Hanka.""Funny, he says the same about you, that he doesn't deserve you. I don't
think he does either, He's hot and could do a lot better....but that's what
he's stuck with," she said as they both laughed.Mike was amused, but returned to the serious subject at hand. "Any
suggestions on how to approach them? I think I'm going to have to, sooner
or later. For my own sanity, if for nothing else.""I really don't know. I could test the waters for you, so to speak, if you
want me to. Maybe just make some comments, just to get some reactions.""Hmmm, maybe, let me think about it before you do anything. If they have
even the slightest suspicion it could really set things wrong." Mike was
initially enthusiastic about this idea, but he also thought that, in the
end, it just needed to get out into the open in an honest way."Yea, you're probably right, though I just can't imagine them figuring this
out, them being from another generation and all. Did they even have
homosexuals back then? Weren't they invented in the 1970s?" She plopped
back on the bed, laughing hard at her own joke.When she finished laughing, though, her mood then change and she looked
down at the ground and became very serious . "Mirek?'"Yea?" He was concerned about her sudden change in mood."He really seems like a great guy. You're really lucky, and you really do
deserve him." She smiled at her brother. But then she looked downcast
again."I hope I find a guy like him, someday. I guess I really piss guys off, I
don't know, my private lolita pics I guess I'm a bit of a bitch sometime. But I'm not a bad
person, am I? I really do want to fall in love and have a family, Mirek."
She looked loli bbs nymph teen like she was about to cry and Mike quickly jumped out of the
chair and went to extreme teen lolita photos her.Stroking her hair, like he often did with Brad, he forced her to turn her
face toward him. "Haninka, you're an incredible person, and I'm not saying
that just because you've always been there for me. But you've got ideas
and a great mind, and I think that I can say without prejudice that you're
good looking, too."She blushed, but continued to look back at her brother."There's a special guy out there for you, and I know you'll find him. Your
never going to be popular with the run-of-the-mill guys because you're a
lot more special than that." He said as he continued to comfort her."You're going to bowl some fresh teen lolita pussy
guy over some day, some guy you'll want. It'll
just takes time. But I think that I can promise you one thing.""What's that?""When it happens for you, it won't be quiet. It will be like an explosion,
I know that!" he said, as he made a motion with his hands as if they were
blowing apart.They both laughed at he put his arm around her and led her down stairs."Thanks, Mirek., that helped." She said quietly."No problem. You did the same for me."
***Mrs. Kovar watched both of the guys very closely that day, and really saw
them with new eyes. Looking at her son in a different way than she had
ever imagined, his actions made so much more sense. In fact, she saw a lot
more, now that knew what she was looking for.During lunch she noticed Mike sometimes looked at him for approval of what
he was eating. Watching her son's eyes, he'd glance back and wait for him
to nod before he ate the food. It also explained Brad's curiosity about
Mike's favorite foods. Now that she thought back, it was almost like he
was interrogating her, trying to find out as much as possible about his
tastes.Another interesting thing was that loli bbs nymph teen Mike was often poking Brad in the side,
but in a very subtle way. You'd have to be looking for it to notice, but
every time Brad gave Mike a nod and a smile, almost like he was thanking
him for something. Once, it even looked like Brad was going to turn around
and grab Mike but just caught himself. Kind of an extreme acknowledgement
for something.But just about everything about these guys said there was something special
between them, it you looked for it. They often stood very close, and Brad
especially spoke relatively softly to Mike, but in a normal volume to
everyone else. They spent what seemed like virtually every minute
together, only apart when they were taking showers. And their
eyes. Whenever they spoke to each other, they looked directly into the
other one's eyes, almost like there was no one else around.The clincher however, happened that night.After dark, she went outside to throw some eggs in her compost pile, to
fertilize the soil for her upcoming spring garden planting. candid teen preteen lolitas The guys had
gone upstairs lolita preteen nymphette model after dinner, ostensibly to chill for a bit before watching a
movie on TV. As she was coming back in, she looked up at the dormer window
to Mike's room.With the lights on in the room you could see in very clearly. The shades
were pulled to the side, as they would have been during the day, but the
guys had forgotten to pull them closed when they came up later on. There
was some moonlight outside, so she could also see the branches of the old
cherry tree framing the view of the single large dormer at the back of the
house.Through the window. she saw the unmistakable silhouette of the two guys,
holding each other, just standing there. She could tell that Mike had his
head on Brad's shoulder, and saw his hand caressing Mike's head, rolling
through his hair. Except for this action, they hardly moved, just stood
their in each others arms.In that place the Mike had spent so many lonely nights, where he holed up
after coming home from classes in high school, he now found something else.
How she wished at the time that she could give him some comfort, some
companionship, do something for him. But in the end, she knew that it
would have to be something that he would do for himself, something that he
would find himself, that would give him peace and make him happy.She gave a gentle sigh, pulled her jacked tightly around her, and went back
into the house. japan lolita image boards
***About 2:30 in the morning Brad found himself still awake. He wasn't
nervous or anything like that. In fact, except for his anxiety for Mike he
felt pretty good. The Kovars a had been as nice to him as they could be
for a guest, and he wasn't asking for anything more than that.He did find himself a bit hungry, though. Sometimes he focused a bit more
on Mike eating properly than himself, and with all of the distractions and
in a new setting, he didn't get quite enough at dinner. They all said make
yourself at home, so after checking in on Mike to make sure he wasn't
tossing and turning he put on a pair of shorts, stepped over the sleeping
Tony, and quietly went downstairs to get a drink and a snack. Maybe some
of that kolachy that Mrs. Kovar seemed to always have around.As he got down the stairs and turned the corner into the kitchen, he was
startled when he saw Mrs. Kovar sitting at the breakfast table. She was as
surprised as he was, but she warmly welcomed him to the kitchen and
insisted he sit down while she got him something from the pantry.The table was in a small nook off of the kitchen, and had a single light
above it, one of those simple ones with a big shade that glowed kind of a
warm yellow color. Besides a small night on above the sink, it was the
only light in the room. He was sitting in one of the modern metal frame
chairs, which were a bit small for him but sized just right for Mrs. Kovar.He protested for a moment, not wanting to take advantage of her
hospitality, but she waved him to a seat and fetched some milk from the
fridge and retrieved the kolachy from a secret stash, a place where she hid
it from her family when she thought they were going through it too fast.
She'd make an exception for Brad, though."Here," she offered as she placed the plate in front of him. "Please,
enjoy. top lolitas nude pics
You must be hungry. I noticed you didn't eat a lot at dinner
tonight." He was surprised that she noticed, but couldn't' imagine that
she knew why.She sat back down herself, and stirred some kind of hot chocolate, then
placed the spoon back on plate before she took a sip.""you couldn't sleep tonight, Bradley?" Like Mr. Kovar, she tended to use
the preteen nude kiddy lolita
long form of his name."Yea, a little bit. I was fine last night, but for some reason tonight I
just woke up. I thought that maybe if I got a little snack it might put me
out. I'm sorry to bother you though. I hope that I didn't disturb you.""Oh, no please. I'm very glad to have the company. Mr. Kovar tends to
sleep very soundly, so he's never good company when I'm awake at night,"
she said as she smiled. "Is Mirek sleeping OK?""Yes, he's fine Mrs. Kovar. I checked up on him before I came down, just in
case..." Brad caught himself for a second. He didn't want to seem too
maternal about Mike to his mom. But it was pretty darn hard, he thought.
He did care about Mike and did check up on him.She didn't say anything in response, just smiled and took another sip of
her drink."Would you like to know more about him?" Brad wasn't exactly sure what she
meant by this, or where it was going, but just assumed that it was a mom
wanting to talk about her son, no matter who the audience was.She was a bit nervous herself, but talked about Mike starting all the way
from the beginning, when he started walking, talking, all of the pleasant,
innocent stuff that she could tell anyone about her child. But Brad was
mesmerized by it all. None of it was out-of-the ordinary kind of stuff, jut
the usual things that happen to anyone growing up. But hearing about Mike,
of course, made it special.After going on for a while, however, she asked Brad a question that
startled him."You know about his epilepsy, don't you Bradley?"He wasn't sure exactly how to answer this, being a bit nervous about
acknowledging too much about Mike's most intimate life. But he wasn't
going to try to lie about this. She already knew something."Yes, I do. He told me a while back.""Did it surprise you?""Um, yes a little, but it didn't make any difference in our friendship."
Not exactly the truth, he thought. It had triggered a friggin' explosion
in their relationship. Thinking that he had to add something to that
sentence, that it really didn't make sense with his own feelings, he
continued to blurt out more than he wanted to."Well, that's not exactly true. I worry about him some, if he's OK and
all." He tried to play down the meaning of this, but wasn't very good at
it. She could tell."Us, too Brad. We worry about him a lot. I'm glad to see that he has a
good friend like you who my boy lollipop mp3
cares about him, too." She put her cup down and
stirred her drink."He's had it rough. This disease has not been kind to him, but he's been
as brave a boy as he could be with all he's been through. He hasn't had
many friends, or I should say good friends, and it's hurt him a lot." She
looked of into the distance, almost not talking to Brad any more, as she
said things that even startled her."We've done as much as we could, but he's really been the strong one in
this.""He's never gotten a lot of support beyond us, his family. In fact, we had
to leave our home because of this." She continued somewhat absentmindedly
stirring her drink, but made no effort to actually drink anymore."What do you mean? He asked.She caught herself, too, she had really said too much, but for some reason
she wanted Brad to know this thing, something Mike was only dimly aware of
himself.She finally took a sip and swallowed it with difficulty before she spoke.
`Mike went through a phase when he was 8 when the seizures happened japan lolita image boards
and were really getting out of control. They didn't have lot of
medications there, and so there wasn't a lot we could do, not that we would
have wanted him on a lot of drugs, anyway." She paused and put down her
cup and looked away again."They wanted to put him in mental hospital...." She was starting to get
little emotional, but paused again and reigned herself in. "Yes, put him
in a hospital, like he was crazy or mad. He would have spent his life
there, but there was no way we were going to let that happen.Brad turned white. He was stunned. "How could anyone even think about
ever doing this to Mike?" he thought. He could hardly move.She noticed his distress immediately and reached across the table to hold
his hand. "I wanted you to know this, Brad. He's worth everything to us,
and to people who love him."And I think your one of those people, Bradley. I can tell that you care
about him."Brad's head was spinning, It sounded like she really knew about him and
Mike, and this was her telling him it was OK. But what could he say without
talking to Mike? He knew how important this was to him and didn't want to
screw it up.He tried, but he could get any words to come out, just stared at her with
his mouth open. He just started to say something when he felt a hand on
his shoulder."Mom, he does, care about me, and I care about him. I...I ...didn't know how
to tell you, uh..." He started to stumble, unable to get the works out the
way he wanted.She looked warmly at her son. "No need. It took me a day, but it's hard
to hide these kind of things, Mirek. Your not as clever, and we're not as
old-fashioned, as you think.""Oh, and that goes for Hanka, too." She said as she reached over and held
her son's hand."You never told me that I'm why you left." Mike quickly losing himself.
He briefly lapsed into Czech, saying something that Brad didn't understand,
but came quickly back to English. "I'm so sorry for causing you all this
trouble..."She could tell what he was thinking and immediately cut him off. "Mirek,
if you candid teen preteen lolitas
have kids of your own someday, russian nide art lolita you'll realize what we did. Don't
you ever, ever, think for a moment that we regretted anything." She had
gotten out of her chair and put her hands on either side of is face,
pinching his cheeks and shaking his head."Seeing the fine man that you've grown into is the only reward that counts.
Mirek, we could talk about this over and over, but the fact is it's done
and your father and I are very happy with the decision. And I never want to
hear you say anything about this again. Understood?"He looked down at the ground, then looked up again, into his mom's eyes.
He shook his head up and down.""Maybe I should leave you all alone." Brad said smiling as he got up out
of his chair. "I'll be upstairs, Mike." They both looked at Brad."Oh, and don't step on me when you get into bed, OK?" They all smiled."Oh yea, er...uh...um one more..oh never mind. I'll see you in the morning."
Brad was going to say something else, but thought twice and was about to go
upstairs before Mrs. Kovar gently took him by the wrist."You were going to ask Mirek not to stay up too late, weren't you?" she
asked."Um, yeah, sorry Mrs. Kovar, I didn't mean to be a pest about it. It's just
gotten to be automatic, but I caught myself..."She just looked at him. Pulling him close, she kissed him on both cheeks
and whispered in his ear something that Mike couldn't hear, but that
clearly touched Brad. After pulling himself together and returning her hug,
Brad turned to Mike and gave him a tight squeeze and held him close for a
moment. Then he went upstairs to bed.When he got into the room, he noticed Tony laying on Mikes bed. His head
was even on his pillow!"Off!" He commanded. Tony gave his usual look around, the "are you
talking to me?" look that he usually gave Mike, and again slinked off of
the bed onto the floor.Tony was a bit manipulative, though, and knew soft touch when he saw one.
He curled up next to the bed and roll onto his back, practically demanding
a tummy rub. Brad willingly obliged, good guy that he was, not yet having
been around Tony long enough to know when he was being used."That dog's got you wrapped around his finger, too, huh? he heard Mike say
as he entered the room.Brad was a little surprised, He thought that it was a really a time for
Mike and his Mom to have a heart-to-heart and didn't understand why they
didn't take the opportunity. He got up from his knees and moved to the
middle of the room."Hey," Brad said very quietly, . "I thought you'd take the chance to talk
to your Mom. I'm really happy, it sounds like she's OK with things. But
why didn't you stay down with her to talk?"She said something real interesting to me after you left""huh...what?""Remember just now down there, when you said something about wanting me to
get to bed?"oh jeze, I'm sorry! Maybe she thinks I'm out of line, or trying to boss
you around. I didn't meant to sound that way, I.." Brad thought that he
had somehow messed things up.Mike interrupted him, and at the same time reached up and ran his finger
through Brad's hair. "No problem at all, babe. Just the opposite,
actually""What do you mean?" Brad was starting to calm down a bit, but was still
anxious.Mike made a broad stroke through his hair, then rested his hand on his
neck, free forbidden lolita pics looking straight at the perplexed Brad. "She said that.." Mike
caught himself, suddenly emotional."....She said we could talk later, but that I shouldn't worry you. That I
need to consider you first." He smiled and looked at Brad, continuing to
run his fingers through his hair. Then he reached into the pocket of his
shorts, blinking his eyes rapidly to hold back tears."For you, from Mom." He pulled a kolachy our of his baggy front pocket and
placed it in front of Brad's mouth."Open wide." He whispered, aiming the pastry at the willing target.As he chewed it, Mike gently bumped his forehead into Brad's and leaned
into him. The guys stood there, heads touching. Brad thought that nothing
ever tasted so good.

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